Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Facebook Timesaver

I am addicted to Facebook. I say addiction because I find myself hitting "refresh" all the time even though I am not even interested in half of what I see.

It is such a time suck.

Here's the solution for those of us addicted but do realize we need to spend less time on there:

1. Go through your "likes." Do you really like what you read? Do you like it because you really like it or because a friend asked you to/ a great deal? If you still feel the need to "like" the page, you have the option of "view in news feed." I went and un clicked this on almost all my "like" pages.
2. Do the same for your Friends.

Ta da! Now when I hit "refresh" it is a ton less things to read. And I got rid of the annoying friends posts that I feel too guilty about deleting forever. (Although I did delete some friends a few months back. Liberating I tell ya!)

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