Saturday, December 29, 2012

Internet ADD

I got on the computer to start writing a blog post.  Here is all the things I have done so far instead of writing the original post:

On top of playing with Addy, changing her diaper, switching out her toys, distracting her from this or that I:

Looked up ornaments on Etsy.
Looked up ornaments on Pinterest (I like making my own ornaments, and I have hopes of selling them in the future).
Manger silhouettes on Google
Cupcake ornaments on Pinterest.
Cupcake theme birthday on Pinterest (Addy's birthday is only 6 months away).
Cupcake Cakes on Pinterest.
Check Facebook.
1st birthday party on Pinterest.
Baby showers on Pinterest. (I am co-hosting one in January)
About to message people on Facebook about the baby shower.
Wrote this post instead.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Snowman Fridge.

I saw it all over Pinterest, so I copied.

Everything is made from construction paper I had on hand, and a roll of magnet tape from Hobby Lobby with a coupon. Less than $1.90 spent. HUGE impact.  You can't help but notice a giant snowman (possibly snowwoman) in the kitchen. I love him! Or her.

Do you have any simple, but big statement Winter/Christmas/Holiday decorations?

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