Monday, March 11, 2013

We're Moving! (and No Coke Update)

Today is day 39 of no soft drinks, and I could really use one! Addy has decided that screaming is her communication style for now. It's rough. On top of that, I got a new job (working with the owner of modmomME), and now we're moving!

Husband, Dad, and I have been talking about us (Husband and I) moving since the beginning of the year. It is just getting cramped with all of us in one place, with everyone set in their own ways, and a dog who constantly barks at nothing (that would be Leighla). Well the time has come...

We went house shopping on Saturday with my step MIL, who is a realtor. She gave us a list of rentals, we gave her the list we wanted to look at. Out of all the houses that was on the original list, only 4 were still available.

House 1. The not-so-awesome man on the phone said everyone needed and extra awesome credit score (more than enough to buy a house, which, let's just say, we're not buying a house), a $200 deposit PER pet -INCLUDING the the fish and turtles!, and make 4x the amount of rent, which was NOT a cheap place. We did not go look at it.

House 2. No one in the office on a Saturday, so we couldn't get the code to the lock box to check it out.

House 3. We got to the house, and the realtor (Husband's step-mom) went to put the code in the lock box. Didn't work. She tried and tried. Meanwhile, I went around back to check out the yard. Fell in love with the yard. Fenced (much needed with the crazy dogs), beautiful back deck, gorgeous front porch (I love me some front porches). When we called the people about why the lock box didn't work, we were told the house was no longer available. Bummer. Move on to the next house.

House 4. Just turning into the neighborhood gave me the creeps. There was a swamp in the back yard. Honestly. No joke. A swamp. Trash covering the back yard of the two neighbor's houses. We didn't even go upstairs. Just turned around and left.

On the way to swamp house we got a phone call saying the assistant answering the phone for House 3 was mistaken. They did have an application for the house, but they were not moving forward. MIL recieved a new code for the lock box, and we headed back to have a look.

While the house as a whole is smaller than some apartments (it's only 1604 sq feet!), I fell in love with it. Is it fate that the other applicant did not get it? Or is this amazing yard, front porch, clean, decent area of town, house too good to be true?

The problem being, we were really counting on our tax money to come in before we made a move.
Our money came in Sunday night. Say whaaat?! Now that HAS to be a sign. Application sent Sunday night. We got the call a few hours ago saying it's ours!

Thank you, God! I've never had this easy of time getting a place. It all happened a little fast, so now I am stressed about packing, leaving Dad with more bills sooner than originally planned, and getting everything done. But I must admit, I am excited!
1262 Providence Way, Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Let the adventures of packing and moving with a toddler begin!
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 31 No Soft Drinks!

Aw, man! I finally get into a routine of posting, and BAM! No post Friday.. or yesterday. I have actually been busy this week. Rarity, indeed.

Anywho, I guess this week's reason for not drinking cokes is that it's such a great feeling to stick to a goal. It's encouraging. I am ready to start a new challenge. I just can't decide which one yet! Too many things to work on. :) I can stick with another food challenge (no fast food, no candy) start and exercise routine, or something else. Any recommendations?

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