Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm doing it: National Day of Unplugging

I made the commitment for The National Day of Unplugging. Tonight no phone, TV, internet for 24 hours. I will start after I clock out of work because I don't know when sundown is (nor do I want to have to keep looking at the clock to find out etc), so  at 8 pm I'll turn my phone off. I am still debating whether or not listening to Pandora radio or  reading a book on KindleFire counts.  I am going to do my best w/o both.

  • I will miss talking to my husband while I am at work tomorrow. And I always call while taking the dogs out in the morning.
  • I wrote down the recipe for dinner tonight so I don't have to go online to look at it.
  • I have to find my watch so I don't need my phone as a watch at work.
  • I am super sad that I have to spend my day of unplugging at work.  What a waste of peace and calmness ha ha.
  • I hope I know others who do this so I'll someone to share experiences with.
  • While I have no desire of going off the grid forever, I hope this makes me more aware of how I spend my time etc. and hopefully the start of good habits.
  • My husband's response when I told him today: "Does this mean I have to do it too?"  ha ha.  I love him.  (answer: "No, but I want be watching TV tonight.")

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  1. Wow, good for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Since we don't have cable, the tv thing would be easy, but the computer and phones...hmmmm, that's another story! ;)


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