Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition, The List

Well, it seems that no part of my life is safe from my momnesia. During my Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition, I keep forgetting what all I want to accomplish, and I keep getting scatterbrained and ADD about it all. I'll start with one idea, and start researching how to do that, and end up a miles away on another idea. I also cannot commit to doing it all in one day, so I have to do a little here, and a little there. I forget about things, and come up with ideas while I am not on the computer. The best cure is a list. I see people writing their goals and lists for their homes on blogs all the time, so I thought, why not share my blog makeover list as well?

Here ya go:
  • Find a color scheme, and apply it.
  • Change name of blog (don't forget on July 15, 2013 you can find me http://thedelightfulmomnesiac.blogspot.com!)
  • Add social media buttons
  • Use new template
  • Make a header (Still debating on it, but anything's better than before!)
  • Write an about me page
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Add pages
  • Make an "about me" page
  • Change my profile picture to an actual picture
  • Clean up the side bar
I also have more things to add, but maybe this will be phase one. I will also make tutorials, or at least direct you into the right direction of tutorials for some of the things mentioned above, and other helpful tips I have learned on the way (such as how to get the shadows off of your pictures). I am also making this commitment to the blog:

Post at least once a week throughout the month of July, at least 2x a week throughout August, and 3x a week starting in September. I am hoping this schedule will help me get in the habit of posting regularly. So that being said, I'll see ya next week! With the new name!
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