Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Husband's Birthday

As previously mentioned, the hubs celebrated his 28th birthday on Monday. Woo-hoo! I had a great day, and I hope believe he did as well. It's funny how birthdays are celebrated differently with a baby in the house.

Birthday's before Addy:

Pretty much whatever/whenever we wanted! Go out at night, even if it happened to be a week night, probably have a drink (at least me). Dave and Buster's is a favorite. Spend money without thinking. Give an unpractical gift.
Before Addy (aka when we had money), I would have spent $40 on this for him.

 Birthday after Addy:
Athletic Crew Socks Clip Art

I surprised him with socks (and unmentionables). Socks, people. How lame. And practical. In my defense, if I had to hear "I need new socks," one more time, I was going to shove one of those holey, mismatched feet covers in his mouth! So I got the hint. Big time. Buy socks. You know you're old when you want practical for your birthday. If the gift is going to be lame, might as well be a good presenation, yes?

Sunday night, I waited until he was snoring fast asleep, and I quietly got out of bed. I opened his sock drawer and took out all million pairs/single socks he owns, and replaced them with the fresh pairs. Some no shows, low cuts, and crew for the colder weather. I did this with the drawer above featuring his new undergarments. Monday morning when he dressed for work, surprise! New clothes. I reminded him later that when he retold the story of what I gave him as a birthday present to be sure to mention the fact I covertly switched out the old for new apparel in the middle of the night.

Husband did get to come home early from work due to his "baby brain," as he calls it. He forgot that months ago he wrote down his birthday as a vacation day, so after finishing work leftover from the weekend, he left. Before a baby, I doubt we would ever forget a vacation day. We did get to have a late lunch at Local Republic because of this.

Back at home, I made velvet cheesecake brownies for dessert (post on Friday about this). It being his birthday and all, we stayed up late... say 11 o'clock? Whew, that was rough! Really we were ready for bed about 8:30, however we toughed it out to watch a TV show starting at ten. It was a wild time, really!

That's how you celebrate your first birthday after a baby, folks. You get socks and enjoy it, go to work on your days off, and you stay in to watch TV and go to bed before midnight.

How have birthday celebrations changed in your house post baby?

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