Friday, August 9, 2013

I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut.

How y'all been? Hope you're good. Oh, me? Oh, you know, just... losing my mind! In addition to my three jobs, I also:

said "I'll do it" to being the weight/score keeper for a biggest loser challenge among some Facebook friends. I participated in the last one, but I couldn't afford to lose another $50, so I volunteered to keep score this time. In addition to just tallying up the percentenges, I am trying to be a motivational coach as well. I hope they realize it's 100% "Do as I say, not as I do." :)

said "Okay" to becoming one of the publicity steering members for our MOPS group. This includes a newsletter for each meeting, a directory, marketing and publicity materials...

...last night after the meeting with the other publicity leader and the coordinator, my marketing brain (I have a BBA with a concentration in marketing) started thinking, and before I know it, I am emailing the coordinator pronouncing, "I'll create a website." Seriously, Jenny?! A website? Ugh. It is needed, and it will be awesome for my resume when I have to find a "big girl" job, and I am hoping those skills will transfter to this good ole blog.

I sometimes volunteer to help "stuff" the bulletins at the church. I was once doing this every Friday, however it's the first thing on the back burner when I need a little more time.

I also maintain (very badly) a blog. You know, the one you're reading. I'm going to get the hang of this thing one day.

Oh yeah, there's the baby, dogs, cat, husband, house, and three turtles not to forget about either.

I really need to organize my entire life like Abby did, however, if you are connected with me on Facebook, you'll know why I cannot do this on paper yet. At least not in a pretty way.

I think it's absolutely perfect that this is the theme of MOPS this year:

At least I have mucho material for blogs posts!

Do you have a problem with volunteering? Do you volunteer to help with things? How do you stay organized, and keep your family happy and taken care of as well?

May the momnesia be ever in your favor,
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  1. We are the same person! I cannot say "no" to anything! I did publicity for my MOPS group last year. I loved it and wanted to do it again this year, but they asked me to be coordinator and, well, I couldn't say "no." Lol. Have fun with it! I think it's the best position on steering. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Jenny!

    ~Abby =)

  2. 3 jobs?! Goodness, you are one busy woman! But I am the same way as you gals, "no" isn't in the vocab. But nonetheless, it seems fun, right?!


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