Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will Blog for Food

This blog and I have some serious commitment issues, don't we? I mean, I say "I'm going to blog more" just about every month, and fail every month. This last month was no different.

I do have some sort of excuse this time.

A few weeks ago, my husband lost his job. Out of nowhere. Things just happen that way sometimes, right? I can calmly talk about it now, but the first week we were totally bummed, and totally out of our element with the situation.

I wanted to blog about it, but I just couldn't. I was scared. Slightly embarrassed (not necessarily sure how to explain why on that, but it's true). I didn't want pity from people who don't even know us. I didn't want questions (there's still probably some family who doesn't know). I didn't know how to put into words how I was feeling. Wasn't sure what "angle" I should take when writing a blog post about it. And honestly, I just had other things on my mind than this blog.

Plus we were both looking for jobs.

Sean (that's my hubs, have I mentioned his name before?) has a possible job lead, and I have decided to revamp my resume and put that out there too after I feel it's worthy of passing out. THE BEST family in the world (ours) is helping us out, and I have never felt so blessed. Still scared about where the future will take us from here, but confident knowing God has our back.

I am super blessed to have my three jobs. My Usborne Books business is actually off to a good start, and I cannot wait to utilize this blog with it. It's nice to feel passionate and confidant about something again. My passion and things I am confident about it what a blog should be about, right?

But that's another post. This post is my yet again excuse as to where I've been. Again.

How have you dealt with these situations?

Until next time,

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**I actually wrote this post last week, but never posted it. I'll learn one day :)**

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