Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Things I Can Live Without Thursday

5 Things I Can Live Without: Thursdays are posts where I let the world know what I am getting rid of in my quest to minimalism/ preparation for baby.  The title was taken from The Dehoarding Diary.

Somehow the cleaning products have made lots of cleaning product babies, and there are 1/2 used plastic bottles full of chemicals all around the house. I really enjoy just using vinegar and water, and the others in the house use it the majority of the time as well. Since reading up on more natural cleaning products and reading Clean Start: Your Guide to Natural Home Cleaning, I don't know why we keep the other cleaners. So I asked Dad to go through some of them, and we're getting rid of the ones we no longer want. So far here is what we're giving away: 
Once I get to cleaning the basement and garage there will be more. I know they're hiding down there somewhere!

The plan was to bring the unwanted bottles to my baby shower and let the ladies take home what they want. However, as usual, I did not get the task done on time. A friend really wants some of these cleaners, so she can pick them up whenever, and I will find someone else to take what she does not want. I love actaully acting on my beliefs/ wanted lifestyle and getting rid of these toxins!

How is everyone else doing? Any awesome changes?

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  1. We have been getting rid of ours slowly too, using up what we had and. Not buying more. We use a lot of vinegar here !!! Good for you for taking this step before your baby comes...not much longer!


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