Monday, April 30, 2012

Not Lazy, Just 34 (almost 35) Weeks Pregnant!

Working on the sales floor of a giant retail store means being on my feet A LOT. By a lot, I probably mean too much. But hey, I start maternity leave in 24 days (not that I'm counting or just as excited about that as the actual baby or anything). When I come home or have days off I just want to sit. No matter how much stuff needs to be done around the house, or dinner needs to be cooked, or the dogs need to use the bathroom.
While I am not the most motivated person on earth (a change I have been desperately trying to make), I do like to be productive every now and then. So I started a list.

Chores I can do sitting down
  • Fold Laundry
  • Thank you notes (still need to get this one done from the first shower, and I have another in a few weeks)
  • Sort through paperwork
  • Pay bills
  • Work on household notebook
  • Plan meals
  • Pet and play with the animals
  • Sort through boxes/ organize
  • Finish the second dog bed (made one of fleece, but never finished the second)
  • Work on one sister's cook book (a wedding present I forgot to bring her last October, so I want to add more recipes)
  • Also send her Christmas present (this is what happens when you live in separate states)
  • Think/buy/make Mother's Day gifts
  • Online shopping :)
  • Sew Addy's wipes (bought tons of flannel for homemade diaper wipes.. I've made 3)
  • Blog :)
  • Enter HGTV's Green Home sweepstakes (you can enter 2x daily!)
  • Look up vet information and call them
Wow. I made this list last week, and have yet to do almost any of them.  I slack. I did start the laundry today! Finally washing some of Addy's things.

Any other chores I can add to the list?

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