Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Minimalist, I'm Not: More Cable

*A series confessing my minimalism gone wrong and/or things I refuse to give up.*

So, it's no secret that the past few months I have been trying to give up so much TV, and wish for no cable in the future.
Well, thank you so much AT&T U-Verse for dashing these dreams!
A salesman came by a couple of weeks ago to let my husband and dad know that U-Verse is now available on on our street. So now we have higher internet speed, DVR control in 3 rooms, and way way more channels including some movie channels for apparently less than with the previous provider. More for less is a good thing, if you're not trying to break the addiction to TV.

I am extremely proud I have not been watching TV as much. Re runs bore me, One Tree Hill is no more, and most of our shows are either done for the season or done for at least a few weeks (Come back, Once Upon A Time! I miss you so much!).
We have added yet another TV drama to the mix, Touch. This was my doing. Oh well. I can work on minimalising in other areas for awhile.  :)

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