Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am Thankful for All the Positive Addy Comments.

Many a Facebook friends write something that they are thankful for each day of November, and I jumped on the bandwagon this year. Then I thought, hey, why not blog about it as well?
So here ya go. The long version of my Facebook posts :).

Day One: "I'm thankful for all the sweet comments about how cute/sweet/good/awesome little Addy Cakes is."

5 month puppy and mama puppy (that's me!)
While I don't make it a habit of posting Addy's picture all over my blog (I watch way too much Law and Order: SVU), I do tend to post her picture a bit on my personal Facebook account so my ginormous family can keep up (I should do an entire post on our family tree one day, it would be entertaining to you). Every time I post her cute little picture, I receive really sweet comments and a plethora of "likes." Her Halloween picture was no different. Replying to these responses is not my strong suite, but I do appreciate them! So, I wanted to thank everyone for their love and support of my sweet little girl. I just love her, and thankful everyone else does too!

P.S. This was the easiest Halloween costume I ever made. Hair in pigtails, use bobby pins to pin hair a little higher than the elastic, and bam! Ears. You're welcome.

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