Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am Thankful for Leighla

Many a Facebook friends write something that they are thankful for each day of November, and I jumped on the bandwagon this year. Then I thought, hey, why not blog about it as well?
So here ya go. The long version of my Facebook posts :).

"Day 3:  I am thankful that Leighla listened to me today when I said, 'Leighla, please pick your toy up, and get it out of the hallway.'"

This is Leighla: 
 Leighla is our Australian cattle dog. Her name is pronounced Lee-luh, like the character from Futurama, just spelled different.

 This is from when we first got her. Sorry her head is blurry, she did not stay still very often in the puppy days..

Another picture from her first year of life:

  This dog has more personality than many people I know. She loves attention, and not afraid to do anything to get it. She gets very jealous of anyone, human or animal, getting more attention than her.

  She also loves to wear this fluffy collar with jingle bells around it at Christmas.. As you can tell she's now very big.
 There is no one in this world she loves more than her daddy.

 She loves to chew toys. She is pretty good at catching a Frisbee.

 Leighla does not always listen. She barks at nothing and everything. She can be quite obnoxious and aggravating. She has a terrible habit of licking poor Addy in the face (which we are working on).

However, she is smart, sweet, and loves us. It made me smile when she grabbed her toy after I asked her to. She also dropped it in the living room! Completely unexpected. I love her like family. As I do all my animals (hint of future posts).

 In another post on another day, I will explain how we got the cute little puppy. The first time I ever cussed out my husband. And hung up on him. Twice. We got through it, obviously.



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