Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Things I Can Live Without: Thursday

Okay, I am a day early, but I had to share!

As I mentioned before, I took everything out of our closet and our dresser.  Husband and I have been going through all the clothes for almost a week now, and I am done with my stuff!  The only thing I need to do is go through the clothes in the basement and dirty laundry. Husband's clothes are almost done too, but he works more hours than I do, so it takes him longer.

My tally:
46 items I can live without.  This includes a purse, belts, scarves, tops, bottoms, things you would normally find in closets or dressers.  I haven't looked at shoes yet, but I am feeling pretty good right now.

This fits my goals by:
  • Living with less
  • Easier to clean, and less laundry to do
  • A great sense of accomplishment of actually finishing a task! 
  • All of these things are going to a charity.  There have been a couple of throw away items not mentioned.  So that is more than 46 items!


  1. 46, that is impressive! Good luck with the shoes, I have a hard time with the shoes, so many purposes....

  2. Thank you :) I'll be able to get rid of a ton more stuff once the baby is out of my belly. I want to wait and see what size I am/ what styles I prefer before I just throw out everything from pre-pregnancy. I was tempted too though. I did take all pre/after preggo clothes downstairs to the basement so now I have tons of space in the closet.


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