Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Survived!

I'm not sure how much more productive we were on a TVless Monday, but we had fun, and I had much needed time with the husband. He was happy to have the TV back on Tuesday though :)

Some highlights of the day:
  • We learned what Oobleck is, what slacklining is, started a puzzle, and played online Madlibs (remember those?).
  • I learned a lot about more about minimalism and about air purifying plants (next on the list: buy plants for the house).
  • Thank you notes from my graduation went out, a sympathy card went out. By "went out" I mean put in the mailbox - President's Day = no mail person
  • I also finally, FINALLY! tried my hand at hang drying the clothes! Another post on that soon. I say success though, and the nerd in me enjoys laundry even more.
  • Cleaned the front closet again and started the linen closet - would be done if I wasn't so disorganized.
I am pretty excited to make No TV Monday a regular thing. It is already helped me not watch as much, and when I am watching, less interested. Already have a list of shows I'm about ready to toss.


  1. We got rid of tv almost two years ago....still watch old movies on our family Fridays. Can I just encourage you that it has been great! Yes, an adjustment...but such a blessing. Our kids are insulated from the junk they see...from the shows to the silly commercials, and we gained so much time together. Now when we are around tv at someone else's house, we all drift out of the room ,looking for something better to do. Even taking out one might a week will be a blessing!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hoping one day to be TV free, but taking it slow (still have husband and my dad to think about as well). One day, one day :) Good to know there are success stories out there of others who know how to live without it :)


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