Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Blog-olutions for the House

The other day I explained my financial goals for the year.

Today, what I want out of 2013:

The House:

Get this house in order! I know that sounds too general, but seriously. This whole house is a disaster. Every room needs to be:
    • Cleaned. Addy is on the verge of crawling, and these floors need to be de-furred (3 dogs and a cat will do that to ya). The other day I did the task of cleaning the baseboards in the kitchen, and did you know, that our baseboards are white? Not made of fur? Me neither until I scrubbed. Hopefully by this time next year, all the baseboards will be white :).
    • Organized. I cannot reach any other goal I have if I can't find anything. Luckily, I have not lost my daughter in the clutter. I need to get back into 5 Things I Can Live Without Thursdays.
    • Decorated. You heard read me. Decorated. I have not even decorated this place, and we've been here almost two years. Yuck. There are white walls in this house. Oh the horror! I know Miss Minimalist loves white walls, but I hate them (in my own home, what you do with yours, I'll probably love).
    • Even the outside needs to be cleaned. I am starting to stress thinking about this all. Sigh.
 I want no room untouched, no rock unturned. Actually, if I find a rock I will throw it out. :) I know this is a huge task, and not everything will be to my satisfactory this year, but starting the process will be an accomplishment in itself.

Thank you for reading! What are your organizational goals for the year? One room, the whole house, just a closet? Any decorating or renovations?

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