Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Tired Vs. So Much To Do.

I hate being at the corner of super-baby-woke-up-three-times-last-night-tired and kitchen-is-disgusting-laundry-needs-to-be-done-floors-gross-etc. It's a huge mental debate of whether or not to just go to bed and try again tomorrow, or just suck it up and do something productive. 
On one hand: I'm tired. Addy will wake up again at least once tonight, and she wakes up for good about 5:30 in the AM so I should probably just go get what little sleep I can. 
One the other hand: I'm getting super stressed and overwhelmed at the condition of this house.

There's really only one logical solution:
I decided to write this blog post instead. :)

How do you handle the tired vs productiveness? Anyone else do this:
Funny Congratulations Ecard: That moment when you've got so much crap to do, you take a nap instead.

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